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Hats off to your graduate!

Can you believe your little one (or not so little one) is about to graduate?  Whether it’s from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school or college, these sneak up on us all. What better way to commemorate their accomplishment than through a personalized book documenting their milestone achievements throughout those years?

You may have a box of old papers, art, report cards, photographs, awards, certificates and other memorabilia stashed in a box in a closet or maybe you’ve digitized as you’ve gone. This is a great time to dust off those boxes or boot up those files and put them together into a book that will make a fabulous present for your graduate. I like to organize chronologically or by subject to create an orderly feel to the book. 

For ideas and inspiration, check out some of the layouts from the book I put together for my own daughter at when she graduated from elementary school.

As with all of my tips, if this seems like too much to do on your own, I'm here to help.  If you have any questions or need some help getting started, feel free to reach out and I'll help you with your next steps. 


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